Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

"Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hope that St Nicholas soon would be there."

Well Christmas is nearly here and am I ready? Well just a couple more pressies to wrap, food to purchase and I think I might be! I am working on Christmas eve so I will try to do all the "little things" on Tuesday or I will be doing them on Wed night. We always have a special seafood dinner on Christmas eve and Steves parents will be joining us this year and doing all the "Santa" things as they have flown over from Canberra for the holidays. Today was spent with the kids at the park and tomorrow morning we will probably do the same.

Christmas day is going to be full of tearing open presents (yes the ones that take hours to wrap and milliseconds to unwrap), lots of eating and eating (yes put back on that weight that you have just spent the last 12 weeks trying to lose) and swimming in the pool (Shannon - please don't get kicked in the mouth this year!)But we should have FUN!

All the best to all of you and your families. Have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2009.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hey if you are checking out our blogs, mine, JAMSTA, and Cherished Creations (charcamilleri) (and why wouldnt you?) and feel like leaving a comment - Do so. (nice ones only please). Its great to have some feed back..and to know someone out there in blogland reads our blogs. And Now Back To The Real Blog!!!!

Birthdays and Dance Concerts?

Well last week was really busy. James had his birthday party on Sunday morning at the beach park. It was a pirate theme. It was very successful. Kids got dressed up and had a great day playing games and eating. The best news was it was all dairy and egg free food so I could just relax and we didnt have any allergic reactions. It was great and James really enjoyed himself with the hightlight being the Treasure Hunt! We got home with just two hours to unpack everything and get to the concert for Shannons Dance. She was in four dances. The Dinosaur walk, Kung Fu Panda, I'm a little tea pot and Under the Sea. She was very good and you could see how her dancing had improved. There is no way I would get on stage to dance in front of everyone at the theatre, so I think they all deserve a big congratulations just for getting up on stage! She loved every minute of it, and being one of those girly girls, the hair and makeup was the best bit for her. She even got a trophy. Now I can relax.

Yesterday we had Ryans first birthday party at Whiteman Park. The weather was great and the kids even got in the paddling pool for a swim in the afternoon. Today was a BIG Xmas party. It is like a mini Royal Show. Both kids had a great time. No allergic reactions for James, Always a bonus. Shannon had 3 icecreams, fairy floss and lollies so she was basically a walking sugar bowl. But you only live once and I only let her do this on this special day once a year (it takes about 11 months to get it all out of her system!) There was face painting, balloon tying, Carnival rides, pony rides, a petting farm and of course the big guy in red himself. We are now all stuffed and need a good rest. Talk to you later.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its the Silly Season!

I love Christmas! Yes I love it! I am the type of person who already has my presents, wrapped and stored safetly away for the 25th. Yes I do get teased for this, especially as most of these presents have been under my bed (wrapped) for the last couple of months. I love Christmas! I cant wait to put up the tree, put the lights out and go walking around the neighbourhood looking at the lights. I love going to carol singing and the Christmas parties. I do not like the hustle and bustle in the shops, but thats why I organise myself early (or try to). However, this time of the year can get a bit hectic. I have Shannons dance concert and dance rehearsals to content with. And along with that I need to get her stuff for the concert. Must have snacks in the dressing room, but no chocolate or greasy stuff as it gets on their costumes. Need more glitter hair spray and have to get another pair of stockings. These have to be purchased from a dance supply store (at a dance supply store price!) so I must get these during the week. Pick up her costumes on Monday afternoon (now shall I do it after swimming lessons or before???). See busy! On top of that I have James' 3rd birthday party on the same day as the concert. Mad I know, but I just couldnt fit it in anywhere else unless I made him wait until January 2009. Anyway as soon as November is over it will all settle a bit more. James birthday party will be over, Shannon will have had her dance concert, We would have attended Ryans 1st birthday party and then follow up with the dance end of year party (on at the same place on the same day just a couple hours apart!) and we would have gone to the annual Christmas childrens party that we all love. Roll on December! Thanks for dropping by. The new photo we have just had done a couple of weeks ago.
Oh and as a postscript.... The library would not change its policy on eating in the library, BUT they have conceeded that if they allow food to be brought into the library, then they will have to update their cleaning procedures. Well I tried my best. A great big thank you to everyone who gave their support while my family were trying to fight this battle. Also I gave a talk to the 2009 Kindy parents at my daughters school on Friday about allergy awareness. At least that is approx another 30 people educated. Small steps, but good ones going forward.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Okay a update....

Well, I rang the library (re: last post - I'm mad!). To my amazement it appears that food and drink are not prohibited in the library. Whilst the librarian was very sympathetic and agreed with me (that books, computers, food and drink do not mix), she said it was the ruling of the City of Swan and all their libraries have the same policy. She urged me to come into the library and put the complaint in writing and it would be sumitted to the council. I also sent an email to the council complaining and am waiting for a reply (not for long though). She did say if I wanted to attend "storytime" she ask the mothers at the beginning to try to refrain from giving out food to make it safer for James. Whilst she is trying to do what she can for me in the constraints she has, that jut singles him out from all the other kids AGAIN so I am not sure. I will think it over for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I am going to contact the child nurse in Ellenbrook to see if we can organise some information sessions (start while they have babies) and will follow up with the school safety committee to try to raise more awareness. Thank you Jen ("Just J") for your support. I know I can count on that always (yes you made me cry).

And now on a lighter note. Shannon has finally lost one of her teeth! The other is hanging in ther and will probably come out in the next week or so. We have had a horror year with her teeth as she had an accident 3 days before xmas last year and knocked her 4 upper teeth loose and fractured her upper plate. So she spent xmas on soft food, painkillers and antibiotics. Also did I mention that she got a kick in the mouth (of course) in the swimming pool on Boxing day which knocked 1 tooth loose again (being a supermum I just pushed it back in - what else can you do at 7-30pm, Boxing night?). That tooth has died and the dentist wants it to stay in as long as possible. These two bottom teeth are loose because she wobbled them (cause I dont have anything to worry about and needed more). She wanted a visit from the tooth fairy! Well as I said the tooth fell out Thursday morning before school, only thing was she had her kindy class photos that morning, so she was hysterical and was demanding that I "stick it back in!". The sobbing went on for about 15mins (even the promise of the T.F. visiting didnt help). Anyway she eventually went to school and I went to work (late) and had the photos done. I will post these when we get them. What a week!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Mad.

Yes I am. I just went to the library with my kids for a morning story telling, craft session etc. There was this mother who was feeding her kids food all through the story time. First chips, then crackers, then apples and then fruit bars. I was getting madder and madder. The kids with the fruit bar then crawls over to the pillows and rubs it in all the pillows that are there for the kids to sit on. One of those pillows being the one that my kids are sitting on. I moved James to my lap. Then there is bits of bar all over the pillow and Shannon leans back into it. I said to her to stay out of the food. The mother looked at me and then flicked the food off the pillow (straight onto the others) with her hand. I said to her that " my child is allergic to some foods and he could get sick now from sitting on that pillow" . Her reaction??? Not sorry I didnt know, Not sorry at all. Just to glare at me and say "well, what is he allergic to then?" I wanted to hit her! I told her and then threw in a few others just for good measure. She then walked off with her kids. Another mother was chatting to me at the end of the class and I mentioned that I had pissed off one of the regular mothers (I only go every now and again). So we got talking about kids, allergies etc. Then she mentions.. They are always going on about nut allergies, but that doesn't really help you does it? I agreed that nut allergy does seem to get the most attention. Then she said, I was talking to a few of the mothers at my childs school and we all agree that our child should not have to go without Nutella in their sandwich, just because there is a child that is allergic to nuts. They don't have the allergy so why should they miss out". I could have then knocked her out too! Why? Why? BECAUSE why should that child take the risk of dying everyday, just because your child wants to take a Nutella sandwich to school for lunch!! I just knew that if I started I would not stop, so I pointed out to her that allergic reactions could happen without the child eating the food and just coming in contact with it was dangerous for them and then left it at that. I am however, going to ring the library later to have a chat with them about signs up etc. What makes me so mad is that the Childrens Area in the Ellenbrook Library is really great and this was a safe place for me to take James without any worries because you are not allowed to eat or drink in the library. Guess that theory is now out the window!!

I'm Mad.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Okay so I'm updating...

Not much to blog at the moment. Still working two days a week at the practice (I cant believe I have not been there for 19 yrs! - does anyone stay in a job that long???) Been working hard to lose some weight, coming off very slowly. What a pity it doesnt come off as easy as it goes on. Have not been scrapping lately as I havent had the time, but have booked myself in for a crop night for Halloween so that should be fun. Steve had his birthday last week so mum, dad, Hayley and Grahame and kids came over for a BBQ (or a barkingyou - see last post). It was nice to catch up. Been looking after one of my friends children today. Tahlia. Shannon and Tahlia have known each other since they were about 18months old and get on really well. They are in the same kindy class and are best friends, so it is easy to look after her. This is a pic of them watching a DVD. Oh and James ate his first orange! Yipee! James is going through a stage where he thinks trying any new food is going to make him have an allergic reaction so it is a real breakthrough when he is prepared to try anything new. He didnt end up eating it, but at least he licked it and tried! Well I know that was boring, but we have been so busy lately, but doing just the usual boring stuff. Will try to create some excitement for next week. Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I had to laugh....

James kept on asking to play with the "barking you" on Sunday. Finally I worked out that he wanted to play with the toy BBQ that we got from the toy library! I laughed over that one for ages. Then a few minutes later Shannon starts wandering around the house with a notebook and pencil. When I asked her what she was doing she said she was writing in her diarrhoea, she meant diary. I was very quick to correct her on this one. It will have to go in their "sayings" book with the "cows in the panic (paddock)" - James and the " Hoat Canger (coat hanger) " - Shannon.

Saturday we had our garla day for dancing. Bouncy castles, sausage sizzles, clothes, jewellery, tupperware etc. It went well and the weather held off. I must admit my cake contribution turned out so badly, I stopped off at woolworths and bought one! We raised nearly $800 so it was worth it, but I was really stuffed after helping out. I was the bouncy castle nazi (only 8 kids at a time). Suited me well.

Sunday was a lazy day. My sister and her family popped over in the morning for a coffee, gossip and so the kids could play. In the afternoon I popped over to the new 3+ programme in Ellenbrook which had an open day for enrollments. They want $200 per term (thats $800 per year) for a class that goes from 9-30am - 11-30am once a week. That is more than my school fees! They are all around this fee now. I think it is totally over priced!!!! Am I just being tight? I just think this is ridiculous for a 3 year old. All they do is sing songs, paint and play in the playground etc.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

kindy Games

Took day off today to go to Shannons school sports carnival, otherwise known as the Kindy Games. It is just for the kindy class and involves relay races, sack races, climbing course and the egg and spoon (taped on) race. The day was so tiring, they had to take time out to have play lunch and to dig in the sand pit. They all got little plastic 'medals' afterwards. The day was a success and the rain held off. Both of my kids got home and slept for 2 hours. Yippee. Me - well as I have the flu and was up most the night, I made the most of it and crashed too. Thanks for dropping by.

Better late than never..

Well here is the photo I promised. Shannon taking Steve out to breakfast. Note the great outfit and the sunglasses to finish it off.

Friday, September 5, 2008

This week...

Well this week has been a funny one. Monday was okay, shopping, swimming lessons etc. Tuesday I took James to his "Steps to Kindy" programme. It was someones birthday, they had bubbles for James as they had bought cupcakes for the kids. The kids were playing outside and the teacher bought the cakes outside. She didnt tell the mum (Josie) she was going to. We sang "Happy Birthday" and then she handed out the cakes. Then handed the container with all the kids around it to Josie and left. Poor Josie, she was instantly swamped by kids James wanted to go up to Josie and I couldn't let him because the kids were all there with cake! He started crying and tried to run up to her. I had to restrain him. All the mums were looking at us, concerned that their kids were eating cake and James had nothing and knew it and was very upset. I ended up going inside, by that time both of us were crying. It was horrible. The teacher finally realised and gave him some bubbles, then straight after Josie managed to get herself free from the kids and ran into the room to get her bubbles from her bag to give to him. He was finally happy, he had 2 bubbles. I was still upset though. They ended up finishing school early and I left straight after the story. Poor Josie, she felt awful, she wanted the cakes to be given out as the kids were leaving, then she would have had the bubbles ready. The school did phone me later, but I was still upset and didn't pick up the phone. Besides being upset that James was upset at being left out, I was upset because I thought he was crying because he wanted the cake and this has never happened before. I realised later when I had calmed down at home, he now associates birthdays with bubbles for him instead of cake and just wanted his bubbles! Feeling better now, but was low for a couple of days as it gave me an insite into what I was going to be up against when he gets older! I have now packed bubbles to be kept in his 'school' bag all the time, to have ready, just in case.

On a lighter note, Shannon took her dad to school today for breakfast for Fathers Day. They set off at 7-30am and had egg/ bacon muffins, cereal and O.J. I will post a pic later. Waiting for camera battery to recharge.

Hope next week will be better.

Bye for now

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Cant you feel it? This weather is wonderful and today I hate it that I am stuck in the office for 10 hours. Keep making excuses to post the mail just to get some sunshine. Can't wait for spring. Love the wildflowers, the weather and the way everyone seems happier in Spring. Only bad thing is Spring Cleaning!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nothing special..

Well not much to comment on this week. Same old, same old. Worked, looked after children, cleaned a house that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a month of Sundays 5 mins later and tried to get some sleep. Spent the Saturday running around. Took Shannon for a haircut, then returned toys to toy library and then took Shannon to dancing all before 10am. The afternoon was spent trying to find a pressie for a hens night I have to go to next Friday. You have to buy a naughty pressie up to $10. I could not find anything. In the end I bought a packet of fruit flavoured condoms, you even get to 2 extra Kiwi fruit ones! Who'd have thought?

Sunday was such a beautiful day, we drove down to Whiteman park and the kids rode their bikes and played for a couple of hours before heading home for lunch. It was quite busy. I think every man and his dog had the same idea.

Oh one more very embarrasing thing. I know you sat up straighter then didn't you? Everyone loves something embarrasing, WHEN ITS NOT HAPPENING TO THEM! On Tuesday I was about to put the fathers day donation ( a blue pottery coffee mug) in the box, when Mrs Nessa the teachers assistant said to me she would take it to the office with her as she was going there soon. So I explained to her that the mug was for the fathers day stall and the large enevelope was for Roger, the school principal. I am on the Safe School Committee and it was some info he needed. Anyway..... the next day I get an email from the school principal to thank me for the coffee mug and that it will get a lot of use!!!! What happened? OMG. OMG. OMG. How embarrasing! He probably thinks I have a crush on him or something. I have to sit in his office for a meeting next month. What if he is using the mug????? Steve said I should email him explaining the mistake, but I think that will make the situation more embarassing for both of us. So I will just suck it up and move on. It could only happen to me!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dress Up Day Stress!

Shannon had a dress up day at school yesterday (Thursday). I only found out about it at 3pm on Wednesday (while at work). It was a space theme as they have been learning about space (planets, rockets, astronauts etc). Shannon wanted to go as an alien. Now I have a Stitch (Alien) costume (one of the pictures has Shannons friend Tahlia wearing the same costume), but no she wanted a hand made one. Easy for her to say. So I finally got home from work at 6-30pm, got dinner together and got the tribe off to bed and then it was costume making time. I DO NOT SEW! So out came the cardboard, elastic and tin foil etc. This was the outcome (finally finished at 11pm). Then it was off to bed, up early to get ready for work the next day and still have time to get Shannon ready and face painted. The pictures show the result. Hope you like them? Also James had to get into the act too as he was with mum when she took Shannon to school - I think he is the cutest 'Power Ranger' ever, but then I am biased.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A bit of a whinge....

Well my bathroom looks like it hasn't been cleaned in ages. I really think you could use it as a research lab or something with whats growing in there, really. You know the drill, clean the whole house from top to bottom, finally get around to your own bedroom and bathroom and you either run out of time, energy or both, so they both just get the quick onceover. Anyway I really needed a good cleaner as I just dont have time to scrub away (I use that time scrubbing the other bathroom), BUT have you looked at the bottles of bathroom cleaners??? They all state "for best results start with a clean shower/bathroom". What the???? If my bathroom and shower was clean do you really think I would be buying the cleaner?? Looked up 'Frustration' in the dictionary, it said buying bathroom cleaner. Really check it out for yourself. Anyway I must go now as I have to go clean my bathroom with the stuff they sell that strips paint of walls, takes skin of fingers and removes the lining from your lungs. Oh, then I have a lot of ironing to do as my lounge room looks like a Chinese laundry (no offence Chinese, I love your fried rice..) Bye for now and thanks for listening to my whinge.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Farm Stay

We stayed at Pump Hill Farm for a few days last week and the kids had a ball. It is located in Pemberton and is the best place for young kids. We left each morning at 8-30am for a tractor ride, the tractor is Malcolm, after feeding the donkeys carrots. The kids loved feeding the cows, sheep and goats. They fed ducks and chickens and collected fresh eggs each morning for brekkie. We spent the days going for walks in the forrest, lunching at pubs and visiting wineries. Bought far too much wine, ate far too much food, but we all had a great time. It rained a little bit (not as much as in Perth), but the cabins had log fires to keep us warm and the kids loved jumping in muddy puddles in their gum boots. We cant wait to go back next year.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Princess Turns 5!

My Princess turned 5 on Saturday. Where has the time gone? The balloons were up and we had our traditional pancake breakfast (on every birthday) following the ripping open of presents. She was very pleased with her new Princess Cd Player and the usual clothes and books. Later it was off to my sisters house for our traditional Christmas in July. Not so many people this year as a few are oversea's. A lot of eating and drinking going on and of course we had to have a birthday cake as well as the christmas pud. Tonight its off to dinner for Shannons birthday tea. Bye.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life is a cabaret.....

Well Shannon had her mid year cabaret last night for her dancing group. The girls all had a great time, even if a couple lost their wigs or tap shoes on stage (or just stood there is fright). I am glad it is over as it is a lot of work leading up to it and dressing 4 ladies dressing 17 girls in around 20 mins (and numerous toilet breaks always when they were already dressed) was quite stressful. Especially when we discovered three of the girls got into the lipstick just as they were about to go on stage! Great new look!. Anyway here is some pics of the night. Thanks Jen and Vicki for coming.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


What the hell?? You are probably saying this to yourself right now, aren't you? (nod now). Why has she put a photo of a washing machine on her blog?? (throw hands up in the air). Yes I know. But this is not a mere washing machine. This is THE washing machine otherwise known as my lifesaver. You see I use the washing machine every day. Yes thats everyday of the year. And usually two to three times a day at that. But my other washing machine, the one that cost me an arm, leg and a bit of torso, the one that was four years old, the one that needed to be repaired every six months or so, the one that was an utter piece of (I have to be nice here) so I will put CRAP! is now on the scrap heap. Yes sireee. Harvey Normans one day sale, you know the one that I rushed out in the rain on Thursday night to go to, that they then decided to stretch to three days and extend it to Saturday, really had some great bargains. I could not go past a new washing machine, so in the space of 10 mins I had purchased this little beauty (power shopper-thats me) and even added in an extended warranty (after my other experience I deemed it a necessity). So now I am happy. See it doesn't take much. Well I must go now- I have a couple of loads of washing to do.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away....

Nothing much to report today. James is still sick. He was vomiting when I walked in from scrapping Friday night. Finally got to bed around 3am. Better yesterday and today, but still unwell. This is a pic of my poor sick boy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today is a better day...

Well the last few days have been a bit better with child No 1's behaviour. Yes Jen I know she is only 5, but I am sure she has been possessed by a 13 year old over the last few days. She even has the eyeroll and the 'look' perfected. Isn't she gifted? It has given me an insight into what it will be like in 8 yrs time. I even, god forbid, channelled my mum over the weekend due to her behaviour. Crime- Slamming door. Time- 9pm. Time child put to bed - 7-30pm. Times child had been told to get back into bed - 12580-00 (give or take a few). She had been told to get back into bed for the 12581 time and she slammed the door -hard. Well I couldn't let that go so I stomped down the hallway (loudly - to inject more fear) and opened up her door and said the forbidden words-"IF ANYONE SLAMS A DOOR IN THIS HOUSE IT WILL BE ME!!" Well that was enough to send me over the edge. I quickly grabbed a scotch and coke, a huge piece of chocolate and went and sat under the bed covers-horrified. Another scotch and coke later and I was beginning to get over it. The chocolate helped too.

Anyway, moving right along, Sunday was much better. We went to Whiteman Park playground with the kids. Why do they have to put BLACK sand in the playgrounds? Is it to drive us crazy? Is there a shortage of white sand in Australia? Was it once white and all the children have made it black with their playing? Now I am just making excuses because obviously this playground was designed by a man who does not have to wash kids and clothes after playing. Anyway getting back...... The kids had a great time and tired themselves out running from play thing to play thing. Then we sat on the grass with our fruit (no icecreams because of behaviour night before - see I am a really mean mum) and listened to the brass band. It was a group of kids over from a school in Singapore on tour and they were really good. The kids danced and practised their cartwheels (as brass band music is inclined to make you do) for another hour or so. Then we packed up and went home. Both kids fell asleep and I managed to get some ironing done. That was until the iron caught on fire, but that is a story for another day!

A few photos of my angels (even the possessed one)

Friday, June 6, 2008


I just have one question....Is it legal to sell your children (or one inparticular) on e-bay???? I'm having one of those days! Maybe Cash Converters will take her as a loan?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where's the Valium????

Well the 'weekend' started great. Had a great time on Friday night. Thanks Jen. Nice to catch up with all the girls and have a good cry (P.S. I LOVE YOU- Movie). Got home around 12-30pm to find child in my bed along with a snoring husband. Tried to sleep in childs bed. No sleep after 1hr- Uncomfortable. Crawed into own bed with the two. After an hour kicked child out into her own bed. Kick husband for snoring. 15 mins later- child back. Put child on couch on floor, kick husband for snoring. 10 mins later- child goes to toilet. Put child back on couch - tuck in. 15 mins later- Child says have nightmares. Child insists on getting into bed with us. Elbows me over. 15 mins later- Put child back on couch. Get back into bed - kick husband for snoring. 20 mins later- other child starts crying. Kick husband- tell him his son needs him. Try to go to sleep. Son doesn't want to go back to bed. Husband NOW decides to do control crying- with the monitor on beside my pillow. NOW 4-15am and still no sleep. Irrate wife- takes son and lies down in his bed with him. Husband goes back to bed. 4-55am. Son jumping on me saying he wants Weetbix!!! Mother on verge of losing it totally. Husband decides to take over- at last! I go to bed. 10 mins later- Husband comes in to get jumper. 5 mins later- child number 1 gets into bed demanding cuddle. Anyone gat a Valium? Now 5-15am and still no sleep yet. SLEEP! Husband wakes me 8am Child No1 needs to go to dancing. Wheres that damn Valium????

Go to dancing. Decide girls need purple t-shirts for Dora dance. I get nominated to get them. Need 17 (size 4 and 5) . Go to Midland. Check Best & Less, Big W, Kmart, Cotton on Kids and Target. Can't find anything!!! At last Target has purple (lavender) skivvies (they are only on stage for 3 mins - this will do). Only has size 4, but Whitfords Target has size 5 & 6. They will put them aside if I pick them up today. Already 1-30pm. Drive to Whitfords (have child No 1 with me so put three toilet stops in there). Arrive at Whitfords. No parking. Child needs toilet AGAIN! Finally find parking on the outskirts on Perth and rush to the toilet. Before going to Target, check B&Less, Cotton on Kids and Big W- just in case. Get to Target- no trolleys. HANGING ON BY A THREAD- DID I MENTION - I'M TIRED!!!!. Find one with stock in it and dump stock on floor. Look quite mad (insane) so no-one questions. Take trolley to Layby to pick up tops. They have made a MISTAKE!!! The shirts are neon pink and they have 1 purple size 5 only! HANGING ON BY A THREAD. Phone three other stores- no luck. Take size 4's and be done with it. Now have 15 size 4's and 2 size 5's. Thats it I'm going home! Its raining. Get drenched as rush to car parked on outskirts of Perth. Child No 1 starts to mention the toilet. Gets LOOK and shuts up. Go home and txt other mum who is going to put bling on tops. She doesn't like skivvies. "Did I forget the girls were doing Dora and thought they were doing Wiggles?" Wait 2 hours to reply to txt while blood stops boiling. Tell her that is all I could find and I am quite happy if she can come up with something better! 12 hours later and sill no reply.

Well now I have vented I certainly feel a bit better. The sun is shining today (in between raining) and I have a mountain of washing to do, floors to vaccum and mop, beds to make and bedrooms to tidy so off I go. I also have two children who are running around giggling. One is dressed like Cinderella, but has the head band across her forehead like Wonder woman and the other is the cutest honey pot I have ever seen - You just have to laugh (or you'll go mad and they will haul you away to the nearest clinic - Hey that doesn't sound so bad - Maybe they will have Valium?).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bits and Bobs.

Hi all. The last week has been one of those where nothing much has been happening, but I have been really busy. Every had one of those? Last Wednesday I went to a talk on food additives/preseveratives etc. It was really interesting and included the 'numbers' that are thought to cause cancer. It was different from one of the other talks I have been to as this one told you more of what you can feed your children instead of telling you what not to feed them and leaving your feeling completely overwhelmed. The second part of the talk was an after hours visit to Coles to put together your own shopping list.

Sunday we went to the Vintage Car Festival in Gin Gin. The kids had a great time (men included). We did the women and children 'stuff' and checked out the craft and preserves area and the men did the manly 'stuff' and poured over every inch of the cars. We finally dragged them away after nearly three hours as the kids were starving and we wanted them to continue their manly feelings and cook the barbie. Sunday night after putting two very tired kids to bed early, I went out to dinner with a bunch of girlfriends. What a great way to spend a night- gossip, alcohol, more gossip, burgers (went to Jimmy Deans) more alcohol and of course coffee and CAKE. Well girls we will get together next month to do it all again. See you then.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day.

Had a great day today. I was totally spolit. I got a sleep-in and a shower by myself (no interuptions by kids asking where anything was or quickly throwing clothes off and jumping in too), a cup of tea and presents. Shannon drew a picture of the two of us shopping and framed it in pop sticks, James gave me a handprint in the shape of a butterfly and I got a great big box of chocolates. We went to Kings Park for the day with my family and my brother-in-laws family (my sisters husband). I was a bit dubious of the weather, but it turned out to be a nice day. We walked through the gardens and up to the war memorials. We also walked to Jacobs Ladder as a few people in the group had never been there and wanted to see it. I on the other hand new exactly where it was. I used to pound up and down these steps four times a week at 6am prior to work. All 221 of them! Was I mad? Yes! Was I fitter then? Yes! I must admit the 'eye candy' (firemen) was a great incentive as they ran up and down the stairs every morning. I don't think I could make it even half way up now.

A friend sent me this txt this morning. Thought I would share it with you.
A Mum is gods love in action. She looks with her heart and feels with her eyes. A mum is the bank where children deposit all their worries and hurt. A mum is the cement that holds her family together and her love lasts a lifetime. Send this to a good mum. I just did. Isn't that nice? Hope you like the txt too Just J.