Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Bunny has left...........Chickens!

The big E.B. has been in our garden and left a trail of chickens through the garden beds. The kids followed them and found a new dinner set for each of them. James was blue and had a cow on it and Shannons was pink and had a pig. He also left eggs in the fridge for Shannon (don't quite know how he got them in there?) Don't worry James wasnt left out, he got a brand new bike yesterday (I''ll post a pic later) as he does miss out on a lot of things, especially this time of year. We went over to my sisters and had a BBQ brekkie there. Unfortunately, James had an allergic reaction, to what I don't know as we were very careful, and as the antihistamine wasn't working, we did a quick trip up to JHC. By the time we got there, his face was covered in hives and his eyes started to swell. Poor kid, what a great Easter! Anyway after two hours of observation, during which he behaved brilliantly, we were free to go. We're home now and he's having a well earned nap (while Shannon eats, yet more chocolate).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Own Easter Bunny

This is my very own Easter Bunny. This was how she came home from school today. I hope everyone gets an Easter Bunny as cute as mine for Easter! Sorry just realised the photos were the wrong way up!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter "Egg" Hunt/ Whiteman Park

James had an Easter Egg hunt at his "school" today. He searched for 'chickens'. Hard to search for eggs when your allergic to chocolate! He was very good and ignored the eggs in the garden and only looked for his chickens. He was so proud that he was the only one with chicks that he rushed around showing everyone and wouldn't let them go. The other mums were great and made the children wait until after school to eat their eggs so he didn't feel left out.
This weekend we visited the motor show at Whiteman Park. The kids had a great time playing in the playground and playing cricket, football etc with their cousins. This photo is of James and
his cousin, Nicholas (the boys). James insisted on wearing his boots!
Happy Easter to everyone. Eat lots of chocolate.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another year older!

Well it was my birthday yesterday, another year older, but I don't know about another year wiser? Had a lovely day. Went to a morning tea playdate (for the kids) at one of my girlfriends house and she had bought a birthday cake with candles etc, which was very nice. Then we went over to dinner at Hayleys house and the whole family was there. I got thoroughly spolit. A gift card for $80 from work, a prepaid Visa Card (how cool is that?) from my in-laws. Lots of scrapping stuff and some money to pay for my cuttlebug that I have on layby at Scraptivate from my hubby and kids, parents and sisters family. My phone ran hot with birthday wishes all day which was nice. Oh and most important of all a 'lay in' and bunch of flowers and a cuppa in bed from the kids.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Well it has been a pretty crazy weekend! Saturday was spent running around trying to find a pair of board shorts. I am horrified that I have to go to Adventure World in a couple of weeks. Public display of bathers and me do not mix! Do you know there are no ladies board shorts left in PERTH, or maybe the whole of Australia. It is still hot you know. I finally had a brainstorm and looked in the mens dept. Well what do you know? Apparently they can buy boardies in February even if women can't. There were heaps. SO, I finally have a pair. Mission Accomplished.

Sunday we got up early and washed and polished both cars before it got too hot. Finally finished and realised the time was 10-15am and we were all due at a birthday party at the Cuddly Animal Farm at 11am. After a mad dash we made it 10 mins late. It was hot, hot and hot. And dusty. And of course where there are animals running around loose there is poo! But .... the kids had a great time, especially on the train. My sister and her family ended up stopping by my house for a cuppa after the party (they went too) and stayed for tea. Mum and dad came over for the impromtu bbq too. Everyone left around 10pm, so it was a long day. Today I went on the Disney site as they had a sale. BIG MISTAKE! They had 15-29% off. A friend came around, put in her order and left, Hayley phoned to put in her order . After 4 hours, numberous phone calls back and forward and restarting the computer again and again, we finally had an order which had been accepted! 52 items (thats between three of us or if you break it down 7 kids). Now I have to wait for the package to arrive and sort it all out. What a weekend.