Friday, April 3, 2009

RIP Connor....


Well lots going on here. We are JUST cruzin along. Been bitten quite badly by the credit crunch and now Steves looking for a new job. Keep thinking positively! So life is a bit sucky at the moment. At least I have my great family and of course my great friends.

This week been one of THOSE. (gosh I'm whinning, aren't I?). Monday night- classes, had to hand in my assignment that I had to redo because my USB frizzled! Had to answer 10 questions on "Protective Behaviours" and got to question 8 (6 pages long) and it happened. AND it didn't save on my personal student number on the computers at TAFE either (God knows what happened) so it was back to the drawing board. At least it is now done. On a good note, I got to sell both of my boxes of choccies at TAFE so I didn't have to buy them myself although I do think my hips are now wearing a few. Finally got home around 10pm.

Tuesday night- Annual General Meeting for Toy Library Committee members. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment and not only am I on the Safe School Committee for the school I am on the Toy Library - Ellenbrook committee. Idle hands and all that! It started at 8pm. Unfortunately when we got to Sam's house her horse had a bad bout of colic, so we went inside her house and had the meeting while the poor thing was outside seeing to her horse. Unfortunately, it didn't end very well and the vet arrived later again that night to put the poor horse down. Julie and I waited until the vet arrived before leaving in case she needed anything and to give her some support). Poor Sam, she had had Connor (the horse) for 21 years (he was 28). It was distressing for us just to watch and we had only just met him. Sam was a tower of strength and my heart just went out to her. We sent her family a bunch of flowers the next day as her father-in-law passed away the next morning as well!

Well on a brighter note - Wednesday was work and TAFE and then Thurs -work and today the usual school run and I also decided to scrub my floor grout by hand with a scrubbing brush and bleach. Yep - I now think I am definately certifiable!!! Like I really needed that- well yes the floors really NEEDED it, but I could have put it off til next week with the week I have had! Anyway - now 50% of my floors look so great and the other 50% (you know the bit I couldnt finish cause after 2 hours I felt like my arms were going to fall off and my knees were ground down to the bare knee caps) well that other 50% now looks even worse, so guess what I will be doing tomorrow??? (thats after Toy Library and dancing duties).

Hope all is well out there for everyone in blogland and I will keep you posted on the happenings in my house. Keep your fingers crossed (and anything else- depends how talented you are) for Steve and his job hunting.