Thursday, February 26, 2009

so it's been a while.

Yes, I know its been a while since I last updated. Life has been so busy. Working 2 days a week and now studying two nights a week too. Not to mention the homework (lots at the moment) and assignments that have to be produced. Last night in class we had to put on a play of a fairytale in front of the class. Ours was Cinderella. I must say it was a hit, BUT instead of saying the "shoe fits" to Cinders (I was prince Charming), I said the "foo shits!". Well once the laughter had died down and I had got it back together again, I proceeded like a true professional and the rest of the play was a success.

In other news, Shannon has started in Pre Primary and is loving it. We have had a problem with her teacher taking 7 out of 15 days off sick, but now she has agreed to step aside and they are hiring another teacher. This teacher should commence in four weeks time, but they have hired one relief teacher for the four weeks who is really lovely so at least they are not having a different relief every day which was happening before. The kids were really confused about what was happening and who their teacher was.

James has started at his 3+ program and is loving it. It is situated at Shannons school, so at least they are getting used to his allergies before he starts there in Kindy next year. Its getting me prepared as well. The other place he was booked into
called a few days before and changed their mind about having him there due to his allergies. That was very upsetting, but it has worked out for the better. He is going through a dress up phase at the moment. He wont go anywhere unless he is in a costume. Monday it was Spider man, Tuesday it was Power Ranger and then Luna Jim and today it is Iggle Piggle. You have to call him by those names as well. He will not answer to James when he is dressed up. Its " Power ranger James or Spiderman James. Just when you are telling him to hurry up or you are going to be late to pick Shannon up from school and he calmly stands there STILL (when I am in a hurry) and says, "please call me Power Ranger James please mum if you want to talk to me". Kids!

Well this weekend its off camping as its a long weekend. I will post photos when I get back. Have a great weekend. Horroo!