Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Farm Stay

We stayed at Pump Hill Farm for a few days last week and the kids had a ball. It is located in Pemberton and is the best place for young kids. We left each morning at 8-30am for a tractor ride, the tractor is Malcolm, after feeding the donkeys carrots. The kids loved feeding the cows, sheep and goats. They fed ducks and chickens and collected fresh eggs each morning for brekkie. We spent the days going for walks in the forrest, lunching at pubs and visiting wineries. Bought far too much wine, ate far too much food, but we all had a great time. It rained a little bit (not as much as in Perth), but the cabins had log fires to keep us warm and the kids loved jumping in muddy puddles in their gum boots. We cant wait to go back next year.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Princess Turns 5!

My Princess turned 5 on Saturday. Where has the time gone? The balloons were up and we had our traditional pancake breakfast (on every birthday) following the ripping open of presents. She was very pleased with her new Princess Cd Player and the usual clothes and books. Later it was off to my sisters house for our traditional Christmas in July. Not so many people this year as a few are oversea's. A lot of eating and drinking going on and of course we had to have a birthday cake as well as the christmas pud. Tonight its off to dinner for Shannons birthday tea. Bye.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life is a cabaret.....

Well Shannon had her mid year cabaret last night for her dancing group. The girls all had a great time, even if a couple lost their wigs or tap shoes on stage (or just stood there is fright). I am glad it is over as it is a lot of work leading up to it and dressing 4 ladies dressing 17 girls in around 20 mins (and numerous toilet breaks always when they were already dressed) was quite stressful. Especially when we discovered three of the girls got into the lipstick just as they were about to go on stage! Great new look!. Anyway here is some pics of the night. Thanks Jen and Vicki for coming.