Saturday, June 28, 2008


What the hell?? You are probably saying this to yourself right now, aren't you? (nod now). Why has she put a photo of a washing machine on her blog?? (throw hands up in the air). Yes I know. But this is not a mere washing machine. This is THE washing machine otherwise known as my lifesaver. You see I use the washing machine every day. Yes thats everyday of the year. And usually two to three times a day at that. But my other washing machine, the one that cost me an arm, leg and a bit of torso, the one that was four years old, the one that needed to be repaired every six months or so, the one that was an utter piece of (I have to be nice here) so I will put CRAP! is now on the scrap heap. Yes sireee. Harvey Normans one day sale, you know the one that I rushed out in the rain on Thursday night to go to, that they then decided to stretch to three days and extend it to Saturday, really had some great bargains. I could not go past a new washing machine, so in the space of 10 mins I had purchased this little beauty (power shopper-thats me) and even added in an extended warranty (after my other experience I deemed it a necessity). So now I am happy. See it doesn't take much. Well I must go now- I have a couple of loads of washing to do.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away....

Nothing much to report today. James is still sick. He was vomiting when I walked in from scrapping Friday night. Finally got to bed around 3am. Better yesterday and today, but still unwell. This is a pic of my poor sick boy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today is a better day...

Well the last few days have been a bit better with child No 1's behaviour. Yes Jen I know she is only 5, but I am sure she has been possessed by a 13 year old over the last few days. She even has the eyeroll and the 'look' perfected. Isn't she gifted? It has given me an insight into what it will be like in 8 yrs time. I even, god forbid, channelled my mum over the weekend due to her behaviour. Crime- Slamming door. Time- 9pm. Time child put to bed - 7-30pm. Times child had been told to get back into bed - 12580-00 (give or take a few). She had been told to get back into bed for the 12581 time and she slammed the door -hard. Well I couldn't let that go so I stomped down the hallway (loudly - to inject more fear) and opened up her door and said the forbidden words-"IF ANYONE SLAMS A DOOR IN THIS HOUSE IT WILL BE ME!!" Well that was enough to send me over the edge. I quickly grabbed a scotch and coke, a huge piece of chocolate and went and sat under the bed covers-horrified. Another scotch and coke later and I was beginning to get over it. The chocolate helped too.

Anyway, moving right along, Sunday was much better. We went to Whiteman Park playground with the kids. Why do they have to put BLACK sand in the playgrounds? Is it to drive us crazy? Is there a shortage of white sand in Australia? Was it once white and all the children have made it black with their playing? Now I am just making excuses because obviously this playground was designed by a man who does not have to wash kids and clothes after playing. Anyway getting back...... The kids had a great time and tired themselves out running from play thing to play thing. Then we sat on the grass with our fruit (no icecreams because of behaviour night before - see I am a really mean mum) and listened to the brass band. It was a group of kids over from a school in Singapore on tour and they were really good. The kids danced and practised their cartwheels (as brass band music is inclined to make you do) for another hour or so. Then we packed up and went home. Both kids fell asleep and I managed to get some ironing done. That was until the iron caught on fire, but that is a story for another day!

A few photos of my angels (even the possessed one)

Friday, June 6, 2008


I just have one question....Is it legal to sell your children (or one inparticular) on e-bay???? I'm having one of those days! Maybe Cash Converters will take her as a loan?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where's the Valium????

Well the 'weekend' started great. Had a great time on Friday night. Thanks Jen. Nice to catch up with all the girls and have a good cry (P.S. I LOVE YOU- Movie). Got home around 12-30pm to find child in my bed along with a snoring husband. Tried to sleep in childs bed. No sleep after 1hr- Uncomfortable. Crawed into own bed with the two. After an hour kicked child out into her own bed. Kick husband for snoring. 15 mins later- child back. Put child on couch on floor, kick husband for snoring. 10 mins later- child goes to toilet. Put child back on couch - tuck in. 15 mins later- Child says have nightmares. Child insists on getting into bed with us. Elbows me over. 15 mins later- Put child back on couch. Get back into bed - kick husband for snoring. 20 mins later- other child starts crying. Kick husband- tell him his son needs him. Try to go to sleep. Son doesn't want to go back to bed. Husband NOW decides to do control crying- with the monitor on beside my pillow. NOW 4-15am and still no sleep. Irrate wife- takes son and lies down in his bed with him. Husband goes back to bed. 4-55am. Son jumping on me saying he wants Weetbix!!! Mother on verge of losing it totally. Husband decides to take over- at last! I go to bed. 10 mins later- Husband comes in to get jumper. 5 mins later- child number 1 gets into bed demanding cuddle. Anyone gat a Valium? Now 5-15am and still no sleep yet. SLEEP! Husband wakes me 8am Child No1 needs to go to dancing. Wheres that damn Valium????

Go to dancing. Decide girls need purple t-shirts for Dora dance. I get nominated to get them. Need 17 (size 4 and 5) . Go to Midland. Check Best & Less, Big W, Kmart, Cotton on Kids and Target. Can't find anything!!! At last Target has purple (lavender) skivvies (they are only on stage for 3 mins - this will do). Only has size 4, but Whitfords Target has size 5 & 6. They will put them aside if I pick them up today. Already 1-30pm. Drive to Whitfords (have child No 1 with me so put three toilet stops in there). Arrive at Whitfords. No parking. Child needs toilet AGAIN! Finally find parking on the outskirts on Perth and rush to the toilet. Before going to Target, check B&Less, Cotton on Kids and Big W- just in case. Get to Target- no trolleys. HANGING ON BY A THREAD- DID I MENTION - I'M TIRED!!!!. Find one with stock in it and dump stock on floor. Look quite mad (insane) so no-one questions. Take trolley to Layby to pick up tops. They have made a MISTAKE!!! The shirts are neon pink and they have 1 purple size 5 only! HANGING ON BY A THREAD. Phone three other stores- no luck. Take size 4's and be done with it. Now have 15 size 4's and 2 size 5's. Thats it I'm going home! Its raining. Get drenched as rush to car parked on outskirts of Perth. Child No 1 starts to mention the toilet. Gets LOOK and shuts up. Go home and txt other mum who is going to put bling on tops. She doesn't like skivvies. "Did I forget the girls were doing Dora and thought they were doing Wiggles?" Wait 2 hours to reply to txt while blood stops boiling. Tell her that is all I could find and I am quite happy if she can come up with something better! 12 hours later and sill no reply.

Well now I have vented I certainly feel a bit better. The sun is shining today (in between raining) and I have a mountain of washing to do, floors to vaccum and mop, beds to make and bedrooms to tidy so off I go. I also have two children who are running around giggling. One is dressed like Cinderella, but has the head band across her forehead like Wonder woman and the other is the cutest honey pot I have ever seen - You just have to laugh (or you'll go mad and they will haul you away to the nearest clinic - Hey that doesn't sound so bad - Maybe they will have Valium?).