Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OMG I just realised just how long ago it was since I blogged! Time is certainly marching on this year. I have now successfully completed my first semester of my TAFE course. I have also completed my compulsory 12 days practical placement at school. I scored grade 4! Was a bit worried, but they turned out to be a great bunch of kids and I was really sorry to leave in the end. I promised I would pop by and see them again and I see them in the school yard all the time. I now have a week off and then have to go back for my results, have two weeks off then start the second semester. Only 18 months more to go!

The kids got Baptised at the weekend. Shannon went really well and loved it. James on the other hand said he wanted to put Father Francis on the red traffic light for putting that stuff on his head! He was screaming "don't baptise me!" as he was held (down) over the font. It was funny, but I just wanted him to stand there quietly like the other four kids and get it done. I even tried to bribe him with another engine (Thomas Tank) He only has 20 of them. Anyway at least it is all over now. Everyone came back for a little celebration (my 2 nieces and my nephew were done at the same time). Steves mum flew over for it as well, so that was nice of her. The kids really missed her so it was great for them to all spend some time together. She arrived on Thurs night and left on Tues afternoon. They hadn't see her since Xmas. Steves dad couldnt make it as he couldnt get any time off work.

Well Billie arrives this weekend. He is the new puppy I promised the kids during one very weak moment. He is very cute - a golden cocker spaniel. He was supposed to come last weekend, but was a little small and they wanted to keep him for an extra week. I will post some photos when we get him and also of the Baptism. Well and also busy preparing Shannons birthday party as July is looming up pretty quickly. Hungry Jacks so that is very easy and she also has her dancing concert on this weekend, but it is just a family affair where they strut their stuff on stage, but in their normal dancing gear, no costumes. This has made it far less stressful and I am actually looking forward to it now. Okay thats for now.