Monday, September 22, 2008

I had to laugh....

James kept on asking to play with the "barking you" on Sunday. Finally I worked out that he wanted to play with the toy BBQ that we got from the toy library! I laughed over that one for ages. Then a few minutes later Shannon starts wandering around the house with a notebook and pencil. When I asked her what she was doing she said she was writing in her diarrhoea, she meant diary. I was very quick to correct her on this one. It will have to go in their "sayings" book with the "cows in the panic (paddock)" - James and the " Hoat Canger (coat hanger) " - Shannon.

Saturday we had our garla day for dancing. Bouncy castles, sausage sizzles, clothes, jewellery, tupperware etc. It went well and the weather held off. I must admit my cake contribution turned out so badly, I stopped off at woolworths and bought one! We raised nearly $800 so it was worth it, but I was really stuffed after helping out. I was the bouncy castle nazi (only 8 kids at a time). Suited me well.

Sunday was a lazy day. My sister and her family popped over in the morning for a coffee, gossip and so the kids could play. In the afternoon I popped over to the new 3+ programme in Ellenbrook which had an open day for enrollments. They want $200 per term (thats $800 per year) for a class that goes from 9-30am - 11-30am once a week. That is more than my school fees! They are all around this fee now. I think it is totally over priced!!!! Am I just being tight? I just think this is ridiculous for a 3 year old. All they do is sing songs, paint and play in the playground etc.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

kindy Games

Took day off today to go to Shannons school sports carnival, otherwise known as the Kindy Games. It is just for the kindy class and involves relay races, sack races, climbing course and the egg and spoon (taped on) race. The day was so tiring, they had to take time out to have play lunch and to dig in the sand pit. They all got little plastic 'medals' afterwards. The day was a success and the rain held off. Both of my kids got home and slept for 2 hours. Yippee. Me - well as I have the flu and was up most the night, I made the most of it and crashed too. Thanks for dropping by.

Better late than never..

Well here is the photo I promised. Shannon taking Steve out to breakfast. Note the great outfit and the sunglasses to finish it off.

Friday, September 5, 2008

This week...

Well this week has been a funny one. Monday was okay, shopping, swimming lessons etc. Tuesday I took James to his "Steps to Kindy" programme. It was someones birthday, they had bubbles for James as they had bought cupcakes for the kids. The kids were playing outside and the teacher bought the cakes outside. She didnt tell the mum (Josie) she was going to. We sang "Happy Birthday" and then she handed out the cakes. Then handed the container with all the kids around it to Josie and left. Poor Josie, she was instantly swamped by kids James wanted to go up to Josie and I couldn't let him because the kids were all there with cake! He started crying and tried to run up to her. I had to restrain him. All the mums were looking at us, concerned that their kids were eating cake and James had nothing and knew it and was very upset. I ended up going inside, by that time both of us were crying. It was horrible. The teacher finally realised and gave him some bubbles, then straight after Josie managed to get herself free from the kids and ran into the room to get her bubbles from her bag to give to him. He was finally happy, he had 2 bubbles. I was still upset though. They ended up finishing school early and I left straight after the story. Poor Josie, she felt awful, she wanted the cakes to be given out as the kids were leaving, then she would have had the bubbles ready. The school did phone me later, but I was still upset and didn't pick up the phone. Besides being upset that James was upset at being left out, I was upset because I thought he was crying because he wanted the cake and this has never happened before. I realised later when I had calmed down at home, he now associates birthdays with bubbles for him instead of cake and just wanted his bubbles! Feeling better now, but was low for a couple of days as it gave me an insite into what I was going to be up against when he gets older! I have now packed bubbles to be kept in his 'school' bag all the time, to have ready, just in case.

On a lighter note, Shannon took her dad to school today for breakfast for Fathers Day. They set off at 7-30am and had egg/ bacon muffins, cereal and O.J. I will post a pic later. Waiting for camera battery to recharge.

Hope next week will be better.

Bye for now