Friday, October 24, 2008

Okay a update....

Well, I rang the library (re: last post - I'm mad!). To my amazement it appears that food and drink are not prohibited in the library. Whilst the librarian was very sympathetic and agreed with me (that books, computers, food and drink do not mix), she said it was the ruling of the City of Swan and all their libraries have the same policy. She urged me to come into the library and put the complaint in writing and it would be sumitted to the council. I also sent an email to the council complaining and am waiting for a reply (not for long though). She did say if I wanted to attend "storytime" she ask the mothers at the beginning to try to refrain from giving out food to make it safer for James. Whilst she is trying to do what she can for me in the constraints she has, that jut singles him out from all the other kids AGAIN so I am not sure. I will think it over for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I am going to contact the child nurse in Ellenbrook to see if we can organise some information sessions (start while they have babies) and will follow up with the school safety committee to try to raise more awareness. Thank you Jen ("Just J") for your support. I know I can count on that always (yes you made me cry).

And now on a lighter note. Shannon has finally lost one of her teeth! The other is hanging in ther and will probably come out in the next week or so. We have had a horror year with her teeth as she had an accident 3 days before xmas last year and knocked her 4 upper teeth loose and fractured her upper plate. So she spent xmas on soft food, painkillers and antibiotics. Also did I mention that she got a kick in the mouth (of course) in the swimming pool on Boxing day which knocked 1 tooth loose again (being a supermum I just pushed it back in - what else can you do at 7-30pm, Boxing night?). That tooth has died and the dentist wants it to stay in as long as possible. These two bottom teeth are loose because she wobbled them (cause I dont have anything to worry about and needed more). She wanted a visit from the tooth fairy! Well as I said the tooth fell out Thursday morning before school, only thing was she had her kindy class photos that morning, so she was hysterical and was demanding that I "stick it back in!". The sobbing went on for about 15mins (even the promise of the T.F. visiting didnt help). Anyway she eventually went to school and I went to work (late) and had the photos done. I will post these when we get them. What a week!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Mad.

Yes I am. I just went to the library with my kids for a morning story telling, craft session etc. There was this mother who was feeding her kids food all through the story time. First chips, then crackers, then apples and then fruit bars. I was getting madder and madder. The kids with the fruit bar then crawls over to the pillows and rubs it in all the pillows that are there for the kids to sit on. One of those pillows being the one that my kids are sitting on. I moved James to my lap. Then there is bits of bar all over the pillow and Shannon leans back into it. I said to her to stay out of the food. The mother looked at me and then flicked the food off the pillow (straight onto the others) with her hand. I said to her that " my child is allergic to some foods and he could get sick now from sitting on that pillow" . Her reaction??? Not sorry I didnt know, Not sorry at all. Just to glare at me and say "well, what is he allergic to then?" I wanted to hit her! I told her and then threw in a few others just for good measure. She then walked off with her kids. Another mother was chatting to me at the end of the class and I mentioned that I had pissed off one of the regular mothers (I only go every now and again). So we got talking about kids, allergies etc. Then she mentions.. They are always going on about nut allergies, but that doesn't really help you does it? I agreed that nut allergy does seem to get the most attention. Then she said, I was talking to a few of the mothers at my childs school and we all agree that our child should not have to go without Nutella in their sandwich, just because there is a child that is allergic to nuts. They don't have the allergy so why should they miss out". I could have then knocked her out too! Why? Why? BECAUSE why should that child take the risk of dying everyday, just because your child wants to take a Nutella sandwich to school for lunch!! I just knew that if I started I would not stop, so I pointed out to her that allergic reactions could happen without the child eating the food and just coming in contact with it was dangerous for them and then left it at that. I am however, going to ring the library later to have a chat with them about signs up etc. What makes me so mad is that the Childrens Area in the Ellenbrook Library is really great and this was a safe place for me to take James without any worries because you are not allowed to eat or drink in the library. Guess that theory is now out the window!!

I'm Mad.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Okay so I'm updating...

Not much to blog at the moment. Still working two days a week at the practice (I cant believe I have not been there for 19 yrs! - does anyone stay in a job that long???) Been working hard to lose some weight, coming off very slowly. What a pity it doesnt come off as easy as it goes on. Have not been scrapping lately as I havent had the time, but have booked myself in for a crop night for Halloween so that should be fun. Steve had his birthday last week so mum, dad, Hayley and Grahame and kids came over for a BBQ (or a barkingyou - see last post). It was nice to catch up. Been looking after one of my friends children today. Tahlia. Shannon and Tahlia have known each other since they were about 18months old and get on really well. They are in the same kindy class and are best friends, so it is easy to look after her. This is a pic of them watching a DVD. Oh and James ate his first orange! Yipee! James is going through a stage where he thinks trying any new food is going to make him have an allergic reaction so it is a real breakthrough when he is prepared to try anything new. He didnt end up eating it, but at least he licked it and tried! Well I know that was boring, but we have been so busy lately, but doing just the usual boring stuff. Will try to create some excitement for next week. Thanks for dropping by.