Friday, July 17, 2009

Its a new year... well financial one anyway...

Well as above it is a new financial year and as I have really had enough of this one so far, I am counting that as a BRAND NEW YEAR! So Happy New Year - 2009 - part II. This last six months has been quite sucky really. I have been busy studying and its not really that hard, but there is lots to do for the assignments and that is the part that is killing me. Plus I had to spend 12 days doing practicle placement (which I loved!). I am also working still and thats getting a bit harder. Everyone not so happy there and the tension is really bad. As stated in my last blog, Steve lost is job.. God damn GFC!! He got another job, but was really not that happy there and was just plugging away at it, plus they kept sending him interstate and that was really screwing up my schedule! He has now left there and has a job he is really liking. So fingers crossed. Also a member of my family has been a bit sick and had to have emergency surgery. Been worrying about that a lot, but they are on the mend now and the planned "treatment" has been shelved and its back to 6 monthly checks.We have also had the usual family trouble that everyone gets, but have decided to let them get on with it and sort themselves out- quite frankly we have enough to cope with on our own. James is now going well. I'm not sure if I put in my last blog that he had been admitted to hospital for a few days (Murphys Law- Steve was away!) but he is on the mend, he had his flu- vaccination and that went well (we were part of the study at the childrens hospital -Allergies) and we have our next appt in September to see if any of his allergies have gone down (fingers crossed). Well I have decided that this next six months is going to be brilliant! Glass half full and all that!. So to celebrate the New Year we did a few things. Firstly we did something that we have been talking about for the last couple of years- we finally got the kids Baptised. We did it in a mass Baptism with my sisters 3 children. They all went great except for James who screamed- Dont you Bactise me! (yes that was Bactise) as he was HELD over the font. We had only a small gathering of the god parents and our parents at our house and it was nice that Steves mum flew from Canberra to come and watch. Also we acquired a new dog. We had been missing our old dog who passed away a couple of years ago and I thought this might be a good time to get one. I am now questioning my sanity with the crying, weeing and pooing. I feel like I have another child, except I can shut this one in the laundry for a few hours with a bowl of water and some toys (I think if I did this to one of my children, I might be charged). BUT he is really cute and when he is good he is really good and tucked up asleep in his bed, but when he is bad - you can usually find him in that same bed chewing something (of mine) that he shouldn't have following doing a poo somewhere for me to find and clean up! It will get better. He is only 11 weeks old, but already is following some orders of "sit" go to your bed, etc. His name is Billy and he is a golden Cocker Spanial. I will do my best to post more often. Ha! Ha!


p.s will have to put photos on later because for some reason they are refusing to load now!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OMG I just realised just how long ago it was since I blogged! Time is certainly marching on this year. I have now successfully completed my first semester of my TAFE course. I have also completed my compulsory 12 days practical placement at school. I scored grade 4! Was a bit worried, but they turned out to be a great bunch of kids and I was really sorry to leave in the end. I promised I would pop by and see them again and I see them in the school yard all the time. I now have a week off and then have to go back for my results, have two weeks off then start the second semester. Only 18 months more to go!

The kids got Baptised at the weekend. Shannon went really well and loved it. James on the other hand said he wanted to put Father Francis on the red traffic light for putting that stuff on his head! He was screaming "don't baptise me!" as he was held (down) over the font. It was funny, but I just wanted him to stand there quietly like the other four kids and get it done. I even tried to bribe him with another engine (Thomas Tank) He only has 20 of them. Anyway at least it is all over now. Everyone came back for a little celebration (my 2 nieces and my nephew were done at the same time). Steves mum flew over for it as well, so that was nice of her. The kids really missed her so it was great for them to all spend some time together. She arrived on Thurs night and left on Tues afternoon. They hadn't see her since Xmas. Steves dad couldnt make it as he couldnt get any time off work.

Well Billie arrives this weekend. He is the new puppy I promised the kids during one very weak moment. He is very cute - a golden cocker spaniel. He was supposed to come last weekend, but was a little small and they wanted to keep him for an extra week. I will post some photos when we get him and also of the Baptism. Well and also busy preparing Shannons birthday party as July is looming up pretty quickly. Hungry Jacks so that is very easy and she also has her dancing concert on this weekend, but it is just a family affair where they strut their stuff on stage, but in their normal dancing gear, no costumes. This has made it far less stressful and I am actually looking forward to it now. Okay thats for now.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Well an update on my last really whiney post. Steve is now working. It is not the job he really wanted, but it is work. He has been there for 3 weeks now, so at least the pressure has lessened considerably. TAFE is going well. We just had 2 weeks off on school hols and that has helped. I passed one of my major assignments - giving a 20 min lecture on a special need to my class and supporting the talk with a DVD on the subject. Mine was food allergies so I found it great to educate more people on this subject and I got lots of questions after from the class and even the lecturer (which hadn't happened to anyone else) so I was really pleased I was able to educate even more people.

Well I am wishing all those hard working mothers out there a great Mothers Day! And I wanted to share with you some of the things I have learnt from my mother over the years.

My Mother taught me-

About the science of Osmosis - "Close your mouth and eat your dinner" (OMG I have actually said this to my child!!)

About Contortionism - "will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck"

About the weather - " This room looks like a tornado went through it"

About the Circle of Life-" I brought you into this world and I can take you out"

About Recieving- " You are going to get it when you get home"

About Anticipation- " Just wait until you get home"

About appreciating a job well done-" if you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning"

About time travel-" If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into next week" and lastly about Irony- " Keep crying and I will give you something to cry about".

I love you mum, hope you have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 3, 2009

RIP Connor....


Well lots going on here. We are JUST cruzin along. Been bitten quite badly by the credit crunch and now Steves looking for a new job. Keep thinking positively! So life is a bit sucky at the moment. At least I have my great family and of course my great friends.

This week been one of THOSE. (gosh I'm whinning, aren't I?). Monday night- classes, had to hand in my assignment that I had to redo because my USB frizzled! Had to answer 10 questions on "Protective Behaviours" and got to question 8 (6 pages long) and it happened. AND it didn't save on my personal student number on the computers at TAFE either (God knows what happened) so it was back to the drawing board. At least it is now done. On a good note, I got to sell both of my boxes of choccies at TAFE so I didn't have to buy them myself although I do think my hips are now wearing a few. Finally got home around 10pm.

Tuesday night- Annual General Meeting for Toy Library Committee members. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment and not only am I on the Safe School Committee for the school I am on the Toy Library - Ellenbrook committee. Idle hands and all that! It started at 8pm. Unfortunately when we got to Sam's house her horse had a bad bout of colic, so we went inside her house and had the meeting while the poor thing was outside seeing to her horse. Unfortunately, it didn't end very well and the vet arrived later again that night to put the poor horse down. Julie and I waited until the vet arrived before leaving in case she needed anything and to give her some support). Poor Sam, she had had Connor (the horse) for 21 years (he was 28). It was distressing for us just to watch and we had only just met him. Sam was a tower of strength and my heart just went out to her. We sent her family a bunch of flowers the next day as her father-in-law passed away the next morning as well!

Well on a brighter note - Wednesday was work and TAFE and then Thurs -work and today the usual school run and I also decided to scrub my floor grout by hand with a scrubbing brush and bleach. Yep - I now think I am definately certifiable!!! Like I really needed that- well yes the floors really NEEDED it, but I could have put it off til next week with the week I have had! Anyway - now 50% of my floors look so great and the other 50% (you know the bit I couldnt finish cause after 2 hours I felt like my arms were going to fall off and my knees were ground down to the bare knee caps) well that other 50% now looks even worse, so guess what I will be doing tomorrow??? (thats after Toy Library and dancing duties).

Hope all is well out there for everyone in blogland and I will keep you posted on the happenings in my house. Keep your fingers crossed (and anything else- depends how talented you are) for Steve and his job hunting.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

so it's been a while.

Yes, I know its been a while since I last updated. Life has been so busy. Working 2 days a week and now studying two nights a week too. Not to mention the homework (lots at the moment) and assignments that have to be produced. Last night in class we had to put on a play of a fairytale in front of the class. Ours was Cinderella. I must say it was a hit, BUT instead of saying the "shoe fits" to Cinders (I was prince Charming), I said the "foo shits!". Well once the laughter had died down and I had got it back together again, I proceeded like a true professional and the rest of the play was a success.

In other news, Shannon has started in Pre Primary and is loving it. We have had a problem with her teacher taking 7 out of 15 days off sick, but now she has agreed to step aside and they are hiring another teacher. This teacher should commence in four weeks time, but they have hired one relief teacher for the four weeks who is really lovely so at least they are not having a different relief every day which was happening before. The kids were really confused about what was happening and who their teacher was.

James has started at his 3+ program and is loving it. It is situated at Shannons school, so at least they are getting used to his allergies before he starts there in Kindy next year. Its getting me prepared as well. The other place he was booked into
called a few days before and changed their mind about having him there due to his allergies. That was very upsetting, but it has worked out for the better. He is going through a dress up phase at the moment. He wont go anywhere unless he is in a costume. Monday it was Spider man, Tuesday it was Power Ranger and then Luna Jim and today it is Iggle Piggle. You have to call him by those names as well. He will not answer to James when he is dressed up. Its " Power ranger James or Spiderman James. Just when you are telling him to hurry up or you are going to be late to pick Shannon up from school and he calmly stands there STILL (when I am in a hurry) and says, "please call me Power Ranger James please mum if you want to talk to me". Kids!

Well this weekend its off camping as its a long weekend. I will post photos when I get back. Have a great weekend. Horroo!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes, I'm still here...

Hello again, finally. So sorry it has taken me so long to blog. Lots of things going on. Some I will mention later when they come to fruitian (is that spelt right???) Gee that sounds mysterious doesn't it? Anyway... HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY everyone. What are you all doing (those of you in Oz) for Aussie Day? We are going crabbing in Mandurah. We are leaving at 5-30am (URGH!!) so we can put the boat in without the crowds.... (according to my dad), because you know how little coast line we have here in Perth !!!! Anyway, I will roll out of bed and put the kids in the car after making them breakie for the car (sandwiches and fruit) and will have to grab myself a large coffee from H.J's (lucky its just down the road - literally). Dont worry I will be taking my pillow and snoozing on the way there while Steve drives. I love crabbing. The guys will probably take the boat (wusses!) and we are going to take the kids scooping. I can hear the girls screams now. Just in case I have also bought all 5 kids (my nieces and nephew are coming too) a big water pistol each to keep them busy. It should be a fun day. So..... Australians all let us rejoice for we are young and free........... and so on. Have a great weekend everyone. Maybe we'll all catch up at the fireworks???