Friday, July 17, 2009

Its a new year... well financial one anyway...

Well as above it is a new financial year and as I have really had enough of this one so far, I am counting that as a BRAND NEW YEAR! So Happy New Year - 2009 - part II. This last six months has been quite sucky really. I have been busy studying and its not really that hard, but there is lots to do for the assignments and that is the part that is killing me. Plus I had to spend 12 days doing practicle placement (which I loved!). I am also working still and thats getting a bit harder. Everyone not so happy there and the tension is really bad. As stated in my last blog, Steve lost is job.. God damn GFC!! He got another job, but was really not that happy there and was just plugging away at it, plus they kept sending him interstate and that was really screwing up my schedule! He has now left there and has a job he is really liking. So fingers crossed. Also a member of my family has been a bit sick and had to have emergency surgery. Been worrying about that a lot, but they are on the mend now and the planned "treatment" has been shelved and its back to 6 monthly checks.We have also had the usual family trouble that everyone gets, but have decided to let them get on with it and sort themselves out- quite frankly we have enough to cope with on our own. James is now going well. I'm not sure if I put in my last blog that he had been admitted to hospital for a few days (Murphys Law- Steve was away!) but he is on the mend, he had his flu- vaccination and that went well (we were part of the study at the childrens hospital -Allergies) and we have our next appt in September to see if any of his allergies have gone down (fingers crossed). Well I have decided that this next six months is going to be brilliant! Glass half full and all that!. So to celebrate the New Year we did a few things. Firstly we did something that we have been talking about for the last couple of years- we finally got the kids Baptised. We did it in a mass Baptism with my sisters 3 children. They all went great except for James who screamed- Dont you Bactise me! (yes that was Bactise) as he was HELD over the font. We had only a small gathering of the god parents and our parents at our house and it was nice that Steves mum flew from Canberra to come and watch. Also we acquired a new dog. We had been missing our old dog who passed away a couple of years ago and I thought this might be a good time to get one. I am now questioning my sanity with the crying, weeing and pooing. I feel like I have another child, except I can shut this one in the laundry for a few hours with a bowl of water and some toys (I think if I did this to one of my children, I might be charged). BUT he is really cute and when he is good he is really good and tucked up asleep in his bed, but when he is bad - you can usually find him in that same bed chewing something (of mine) that he shouldn't have following doing a poo somewhere for me to find and clean up! It will get better. He is only 11 weeks old, but already is following some orders of "sit" go to your bed, etc. His name is Billy and he is a golden Cocker Spanial. I will do my best to post more often. Ha! Ha!


p.s will have to put photos on later because for some reason they are refusing to load now!