Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Cant you feel it? This weather is wonderful and today I hate it that I am stuck in the office for 10 hours. Keep making excuses to post the mail just to get some sunshine. Can't wait for spring. Love the wildflowers, the weather and the way everyone seems happier in Spring. Only bad thing is Spring Cleaning!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nothing special..

Well not much to comment on this week. Same old, same old. Worked, looked after children, cleaned a house that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a month of Sundays 5 mins later and tried to get some sleep. Spent the Saturday running around. Took Shannon for a haircut, then returned toys to toy library and then took Shannon to dancing all before 10am. The afternoon was spent trying to find a pressie for a hens night I have to go to next Friday. You have to buy a naughty pressie up to $10. I could not find anything. In the end I bought a packet of fruit flavoured condoms, you even get to 2 extra Kiwi fruit ones! Who'd have thought?

Sunday was such a beautiful day, we drove down to Whiteman park and the kids rode their bikes and played for a couple of hours before heading home for lunch. It was quite busy. I think every man and his dog had the same idea.

Oh one more very embarrasing thing. I know you sat up straighter then didn't you? Everyone loves something embarrasing, WHEN ITS NOT HAPPENING TO THEM! On Tuesday I was about to put the fathers day donation ( a blue pottery coffee mug) in the box, when Mrs Nessa the teachers assistant said to me she would take it to the office with her as she was going there soon. So I explained to her that the mug was for the fathers day stall and the large enevelope was for Roger, the school principal. I am on the Safe School Committee and it was some info he needed. Anyway..... the next day I get an email from the school principal to thank me for the coffee mug and that it will get a lot of use!!!! What happened? OMG. OMG. OMG. How embarrasing! He probably thinks I have a crush on him or something. I have to sit in his office for a meeting next month. What if he is using the mug????? Steve said I should email him explaining the mistake, but I think that will make the situation more embarassing for both of us. So I will just suck it up and move on. It could only happen to me!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dress Up Day Stress!

Shannon had a dress up day at school yesterday (Thursday). I only found out about it at 3pm on Wednesday (while at work). It was a space theme as they have been learning about space (planets, rockets, astronauts etc). Shannon wanted to go as an alien. Now I have a Stitch (Alien) costume (one of the pictures has Shannons friend Tahlia wearing the same costume), but no she wanted a hand made one. Easy for her to say. So I finally got home from work at 6-30pm, got dinner together and got the tribe off to bed and then it was costume making time. I DO NOT SEW! So out came the cardboard, elastic and tin foil etc. This was the outcome (finally finished at 11pm). Then it was off to bed, up early to get ready for work the next day and still have time to get Shannon ready and face painted. The pictures show the result. Hope you like them? Also James had to get into the act too as he was with mum when she took Shannon to school - I think he is the cutest 'Power Ranger' ever, but then I am biased.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A bit of a whinge....

Well my bathroom looks like it hasn't been cleaned in ages. I really think you could use it as a research lab or something with whats growing in there, really. You know the drill, clean the whole house from top to bottom, finally get around to your own bedroom and bathroom and you either run out of time, energy or both, so they both just get the quick onceover. Anyway I really needed a good cleaner as I just dont have time to scrub away (I use that time scrubbing the other bathroom), BUT have you looked at the bottles of bathroom cleaners??? They all state "for best results start with a clean shower/bathroom". What the???? If my bathroom and shower was clean do you really think I would be buying the cleaner?? Looked up 'Frustration' in the dictionary, it said buying bathroom cleaner. Really check it out for yourself. Anyway I must go now as I have to go clean my bathroom with the stuff they sell that strips paint of walls, takes skin of fingers and removes the lining from your lungs. Oh, then I have a lot of ironing to do as my lounge room looks like a Chinese laundry (no offence Chinese, I love your fried rice..) Bye for now and thanks for listening to my whinge.