Sunday, November 30, 2008


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Birthdays and Dance Concerts?

Well last week was really busy. James had his birthday party on Sunday morning at the beach park. It was a pirate theme. It was very successful. Kids got dressed up and had a great day playing games and eating. The best news was it was all dairy and egg free food so I could just relax and we didnt have any allergic reactions. It was great and James really enjoyed himself with the hightlight being the Treasure Hunt! We got home with just two hours to unpack everything and get to the concert for Shannons Dance. She was in four dances. The Dinosaur walk, Kung Fu Panda, I'm a little tea pot and Under the Sea. She was very good and you could see how her dancing had improved. There is no way I would get on stage to dance in front of everyone at the theatre, so I think they all deserve a big congratulations just for getting up on stage! She loved every minute of it, and being one of those girly girls, the hair and makeup was the best bit for her. She even got a trophy. Now I can relax.

Yesterday we had Ryans first birthday party at Whiteman Park. The weather was great and the kids even got in the paddling pool for a swim in the afternoon. Today was a BIG Xmas party. It is like a mini Royal Show. Both kids had a great time. No allergic reactions for James, Always a bonus. Shannon had 3 icecreams, fairy floss and lollies so she was basically a walking sugar bowl. But you only live once and I only let her do this on this special day once a year (it takes about 11 months to get it all out of her system!) There was face painting, balloon tying, Carnival rides, pony rides, a petting farm and of course the big guy in red himself. We are now all stuffed and need a good rest. Talk to you later.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its the Silly Season!

I love Christmas! Yes I love it! I am the type of person who already has my presents, wrapped and stored safetly away for the 25th. Yes I do get teased for this, especially as most of these presents have been under my bed (wrapped) for the last couple of months. I love Christmas! I cant wait to put up the tree, put the lights out and go walking around the neighbourhood looking at the lights. I love going to carol singing and the Christmas parties. I do not like the hustle and bustle in the shops, but thats why I organise myself early (or try to). However, this time of the year can get a bit hectic. I have Shannons dance concert and dance rehearsals to content with. And along with that I need to get her stuff for the concert. Must have snacks in the dressing room, but no chocolate or greasy stuff as it gets on their costumes. Need more glitter hair spray and have to get another pair of stockings. These have to be purchased from a dance supply store (at a dance supply store price!) so I must get these during the week. Pick up her costumes on Monday afternoon (now shall I do it after swimming lessons or before???). See busy! On top of that I have James' 3rd birthday party on the same day as the concert. Mad I know, but I just couldnt fit it in anywhere else unless I made him wait until January 2009. Anyway as soon as November is over it will all settle a bit more. James birthday party will be over, Shannon will have had her dance concert, We would have attended Ryans 1st birthday party and then follow up with the dance end of year party (on at the same place on the same day just a couple hours apart!) and we would have gone to the annual Christmas childrens party that we all love. Roll on December! Thanks for dropping by. The new photo we have just had done a couple of weeks ago.
Oh and as a postscript.... The library would not change its policy on eating in the library, BUT they have conceeded that if they allow food to be brought into the library, then they will have to update their cleaning procedures. Well I tried my best. A great big thank you to everyone who gave their support while my family were trying to fight this battle. Also I gave a talk to the 2009 Kindy parents at my daughters school on Friday about allergy awareness. At least that is approx another 30 people educated. Small steps, but good ones going forward.